Mimi's KSL Studio 5 Feature

Last fall Mimi was featured on the KSL morning show Studio 5 for her cooking hobby and I neglected to post it.  Here's the video of my capable pretty girl!



Mimi and I went with our Girl Scout Troop to tour the local news and radio station during the Spring.  While there we were invited into the studio where the morning show is filmed.  There's an entire faux kitchen used for filming cooking segments and when Mimi saw that she got stars in her eyes.
"It's a kitchen like Martha's!!  Can I cook here? Will you ask somebody?"  So I asked.  I sent an email to whomever I could find associated with the show and told them a little bit about Mimi.  They loved the story and came to our house to film her in action.  She was super nervous!
The feature went up on Studio 5 and one of Mimi's teachers saw it and wrote about it for the district website. The school district featured her on their website which led to a front page article in the local city mailer.  It was fun to see the little feature progress. We're super proud of little Mims, 10 year old aspiring chef.


Sarah Blue said...

What a terrific experience.

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