First Quarter Iphone Picture Download

I've halted posting for a month because I was waiting to hear back from TED.  I applied to give a talk and I didn't make it.
So now I have some catching up to do! Thus, some disorganized posts. 

We've been here three + months and I'm still having a love affair with our new house.  I always think it's interesting to go back through my records and find house pictures to see how I decorated wherever I've been living.  And I like to be reminded of things I may take for granted as normal in the future.

This is the view from our front window and it has become a major part of my daily life.  When we used to visit Hawaii as a big family my dad would make us march down every.single.night to the beach to watch the sun set.  Rough life, right?  But enough times of being bossed into watching the sunset became annoying.  We called him the Sunset Nazi.  And now I hear myself nearly every day demanding that the kids come look at nature's fireworks.  Thankfully they don't yet resent it and have started alerting me to spectacular sunsets.  Thus I've become a person who takes pictures of sunsets.  That pink line at the bottom is the Great Salt Lake.

January was the month when I was expecting a whole lot of people to come to our house so it had to be ready.  January 18 was the deadline -- our sealing party.  LouLou helped shop.  That's her first cart ride.

Finished product of our room.  My besties came over and helped me paint it that dark gray and Anna consulted and encouraged styling.  She's a beautification wizard.

For the first time in my life we have a TV in our room.  It doesn't get much use, yet.

Final product, currently.  My #1 favorite thing is the curtains that Amy made for me.  Sometimes you need to beg your meticulous and capable friends who can sew to do your real crafts for you.  I know my sewing limits.  She did a great job.

Another house pic with my fancy light and hot pink wall.
Husband of mine caught on his way to work.  Let it be known that Hush agreed to let me live in my dream house/dream neighborhood at his expense: he has to drive an hour to and from work every day and I feel guilty and grateful.  He's the patron saint of sacrificing for love and family. Bless him. Amen.

Just a sunset, the norm. Everyday out our front window we get to watch spectacular shows.

Hush and his cousin twin. Three cousins born in the same year, and all three of them had babies this year! That's Becca and Blade the chunk of cuteness.
At Uncle Mark's modeling the deer horns of some variety or another.
LouLou doing the scoot back move that always lands her under the furniture.
Remember how after you have a baby you give up on ever wearing your normal clothes again? That's what this picture is modeling. Taken by Rebekah or Christine, my dearest.
Christine at Rebekah's house where the lemonade has fancy straws.
Oh! This picture is worth a thousand words. A few Fridays ago Hush came home and told me he had rented me a hotel room for the night. BY MYSELF. I was so excited I couldn't sleep. Is there any dream more dreamy than an entire night alone when you have four little kids and a baby who wakes up all the time?
The stars aligned and all three of us were available to spend the day together. One of the best days ever!
Mimi, Lou and Silas under the bench at church. 8, 5, 5 months.
Mimi's 8th birthday party. Family dinner with our Utah family: Kara and fam, Rebekah and Christine's fams. (Poor grammar that sentence.)
Mimi's an ace at opening presents and being excited, she has the Nate gene. He was the best present opener ever.  Also, note the guy holding the cake, Mimi, so that in the future when you're a teenager and screaming "You're not my real dad" you'll remember that Hush has been your real dad every day since you were six.
Rebekah has the magic touch with Baby Lou.
Maddi and Silas in their finery.
Fancy coat. Man I really love this baby. I love babies. Babies are great. I want a million of them.
Ahhh sweet Jude. He always picks me for his Valentine.

The homemade Valentines this year. Jude made each person in his class.
And here's the kid crew on Valentine's Day. 


Family Sealing, Jan 17, 2015

On the way to the temple, all the kids in the back.

Hair by Ms. Kenzie Pehrson
 The only picture we got on the way out because NOBODY waited for us.
I waited 34 years for this and none of you could wait twenty minutes?
About the dress:
Temple standards are such that you must have your arms covered down to the wrist and a very conservative neckline.  Short of wearing a turtleneck it's really hard to find something suitable that is also worthy of having a picture taken.  Here's my solution.  I bought a dress at Free People (overpriced store, especially when you have to wear three layers to compensate for the translucence of all of their clothing).  Then I had a seamstress rip the sleeves off of a dress shirt I already owned and sew them on.  Last I added two or three lacy slips.  Now the dress is my temple dress.

E got a few shots when we walked by her car.  

 And now for the main event!  The Jessica Peterson Photography family shots!

January 17, 2015 Jude 6, Betty Lou 4 months, Mimi 7, Silas 5.

The buddies

BL and Si are buddies.  They spend a lot of time together because Si only goes to a few hours of pre-K so the three of us tool around together much of the time.  Though he's only five he knows how to make the baby happy in the car and wherever she is.  He's the first line of relief for whatever his baby needs.

Always beaming over her shoulder.

Always getting in her space, making sure she's entertained.

 Snuggling her and talking to her all day.

 Sharing his germy germs.
Keeps an arm under her making sure she doesn't tip over.

Protecting her from all the other kids and making sure she has fun.

And most recently snuggling LouLou in her crib whenever he can sneak in there.

There is little more rewarding than your children treating each other with loving concern.  I think the bond they're creating while they're little will serve them well when Silas is a senior in high school looking out for his little sister.


Aloha 2015

Our trip to Hawaii started out rough.
LouLou, 4 months had a wheezing cough that required two urgent care and two ER visits before they admitted her. 
Poor babe had RSV. They treated her occasionally with albuterol type treatments that didn't work very well.  She was doing ok Sunday morning so he hopped on our flight. 
Mimi and Jude, seasoned travelers, see great value in following along with the safety demonstration.
As soon as we landed in humid Hawaii Baby Lou was wheezing in a scary way. Mimi and I drove straight to the hospital with Mim on assignment to not take her eyes off the baby and alert me immediately if she stops breathing.  The first hospital we found was the Kapiolani Children's Hospital and I ran that baby in, said the magic words "my 4 month old is having trouble breathing" and within seconds we were surrounded by excellent doctors.
And here is the saddest picture ever of BL getting a chest x-ray. RSV and bronchiolitis. I can't spell that.
She got a little oxygen cannula just like her namesake Grandma Betty.
Hush's plane landed and he took a cab to the hospital and stayed with that baby every second.  He even held her in the wheelchair as they took her upstairs to her room.
And here's where we spent the first three days of our vacation.  Thank heavens Pam and Jim were there and could tend to the three other children. Hush and I were on full baby duty, which did not make sleeping easy. We had one tiny cot and a baby waking up every hour. Finally I just crawled into her little baby cage with her and held her in my arms as we went in and out of sleep.  At one point a nurse came in and said, "You can't sleep there." To which I replied, "I am."
Tiniest hospital gown ever (I stole it) and a pink oxy monitor.
Sad baby cage.  Every so often the oxy levels would drop to below 88 and people would run in while I secured her oxygen mask (before I secured my own ;)
But LouLou wasn't mad at all. The nurses nicknamed her "The Happy Weezer" and fawned over her because she is so fair and they see a lot of darker toned babies. Or perhaps just because we were out of Utah and babies are more novel. But really it's because she's the most adorable and charming baby who ever lived, in my humble and unbiased opinion.
On the third day we finally left Lou for a few hours with a nurse we trusted and liked a lot so that we could meet Pam and the kids at Pearl Harbor. I love that place.  Has it always been free? I remember it being expensive.
Many thanks to Pam and Jim for their help and support during this trip. If not for them I would have packed people on the next flight home (with some sort of breathing apparatus) and given up.
When she was finally released the petridish of children were thrilled to see and love her. They'd been so worried!
Finally our vacation began.  We had excellent weather the whole trip.
Hush created a live art installation on the beach.
One day in the sun and the children look like natives.
Doing the matrix or the Michael Jackson in Smooth Criminal lean.
The hardest choice of the day was whether to walk 15 feet to the pool or 50 feet to the beach. Most days we did both.
I celebrated my 34 birthday while we were there. 34 may be the year of filters for me.
Four of my favorites eating my favorite at matsumoto's.
Jude is a born nurturer. He's conscientious and concerned with his little sister.
While we were at Turtle Bay Hush and I scouted the filming locations for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Yoga class happened right there. This may be the closest I ever get to Russell Brand.
Mostly recovered babe.
Every time I see her nonplussed expression it makes me giggle.
We ran into some Dville friends who hooked us up with half off tickets to the awesome but over priced Polynesian Cultural Center! Aloha from the luau.
Pineapple drinks because hey, we're on our honeymoon. Right?
Honeymoon dance... sealings require dances too.
Jude achieved maximum loungy aloha.
Hush mastered the ukulele in about five minutes so he began Lou's instruction.
Romantical dinner on the beach.
Keiki: 7,6, 5 and 4 months
Brave little Mimi in the tide pools.
This picture was not staged and it shows exactly the dynamic of my kids, when they aren't teasing each other. Mimi presides, the boys trust her questionable leadership.
Me and my baby. I love babies. More more more babies.
I waited 7 years for this day and here is my second little girl wearing her big sister's teeny bikini.  Ahhh, so satisfying.
Ps, I love my baby. I'm obsessed.

Thanks to Pam and Jim, Hush and the kids for making this unusually challenging but nevertheless memorable "vacation" happen!