Betty Week 1

We left the hospital with one name:  Bettylou. 
 Then I had to go back into the hospital for a test and changed the first name to Betty because Bettylou sounded too informal when I was filling out paperwork.  But Hush was unsatisfied and by chance the birth certificate office called me to ask me about something else, so I took it as a sign and changed her official name to Betty Lou Ophelia.  Everybody is happy and the names all suit her.  She can have two middle names, Jude does too.  From henceforth I won't limit myself to just a first and a middle.  My next baby (oh yes, I still have baby fever) will have like seven names.

Going home outfit

Going home from the hospital in my fancy robe.

All of Betty's receiving blankets are fabulous.  When they're this little you rarely see their clothes because they're wrapped up all the time.  I go to the fabric store and buy a yard of whatever fabric I like, hem the edges and wrap up my babies in colors.

Jude 6, Mimi 7 1/2, Silas 4 1/2, BLOB 3 days.

Mimi and her own personal live baby doll.

Obligatory to-die-for yawn shot.

Grandma came to town the day we got home from the hospital.  She was infinitely helpful taking the big stinky germy kids out on activities and to and from school.  Grandma Pamma didn't get quite enough baby time, but I tried to get some quiet holding time for some time each day.

Pam always does our babies' first baths.

Sitting dangerously

Hello Kitty and Cheetah are her favorite colors.

This baby is attached to me 90% of the day and yet I have very few pictures of myself holding her.

Cupcake hat and cheetah.  Having a girl is great.  Hush was observing the other day that he thought when she was born he wouldn't care what she wore and wouldn't mind putting her in blue clothes or whatever, but then since he's had her all he wants to do is surround her with cutesy cupcakes and pink and butterflies.

Mimi gazing and having sister time.

This wrap is our newest baby accouterment.  Pam and I made this imitation moby wrap and it is proving to be the best way to let Mimi and Jude snuggle the baby without me worrying about her head flopping around.

Jude loves to hold her in the mornings while he watches cartoons.  I haven't put her on Silas yet because he rolls around too much.

I love bassinet shots.  All of my babies have slept in this for the first few weeks they're alive.

Jude sneaks out in the evenings to get extra one-on-one snuggles.

Hush and his new baby deserves their own post.  This is the man who had never held a newborn before, for liability and fear purposes.  And now with his own tiny baby snuggled on his chest he looks at me and says, "It feels like our life is just beginning now that she's here."  He marvels at how her fussing evokes concern about her well being rather than annoyance at the cries.  I've watched him execute his first diaper changing, attempting to dress a limp newborn, figuring out what soothes her, bolting awake at her least 3am wail, and just staring into her perfect little face.  In the evenings it's mostly daddy time from the minute he gets home and he misses her when he's at work during the day.  There is nothing like watching a man fall in love with his baby daughter.  This is my favorite part of having this baby.

I'm a firm believer in wrapping babies nice and tight so that they feel safe.  Betty is loving this little baby straitjacket. It has a two way zipper so you can change them without unwrapping.

Babies make the best accessories.  Better than a mink stole.

And Silas with his tiny baby.  He loves to snuggle her and is militant about making sure his hands are well sanitized.  I should buy stock in hand sanitizer.  He is very very careful with her.  It's much easier having kids old enough not to be dangerous.


Here Comes My Baby!

After about a month of labor our sweet baby girl was born on Tuesday 9/9/14 at 5:11am.

The doctor did that horrible torture procedure that hurts like hell but encourages all of my babies to come within 24 hours on Monday morning.  I spent the day in about the same amount of pain as normal and then at about 11 Hush and I went for a walk.  By the time we got home I was in screaming pain but, having been here three time before I did not want to go into the hospital just to be told "Yes, you're dilating, but you're not progressing so good luck see ya later." 
Seasoned at worried runs to the hospital with my body who cried wolf, Hush took out the trash and changed the laundry not knowing that I was crying in pain.  But when he got behind the wheel and found me cursing and praying and begging for mercy, he drove like a bat out of hell to the hospital.  It takes an hour to get there, he made it in 25 minutes flat.  Cat Stevens made the time go quickly, especially "Here Comes My Baby."
When I got inside they checked me (I was a 6) hooked me up to an IV and started the epidural process within 10 minutes of arrival.  Epidurals are the scariest part for me.  They seem so risky and outrageous, but they're the only way to go. I prefer to get narcotics or something to calm me down like stadol or versed, but apparently there wasn't time.  I was shaking violently.
Once the epidural was in my heart rate zoomed down and I started to faint, then zoomed up really high. All of the sudden twelve people in scrubs burst into the room and said something about my baby being mad, did some stuff to fix the problem and then left again.  It was confusing and exciting.

After that we had three hours of calm, other than checks and water breaking.  At about 4am the nurse said I was fully dilated and called my doctor who came around 4:45. My dear friend Jessica came right before then, my other birth party people slept right through.  But Hush and Jess were there so it was ok. Hush held my leg and didn't look.  Jess took pictures.

Then I pushed that baby out in two minutes cause I'm a champ.
When she was born she needed about 45 minutes of special care because she had swallowed a lot of fluids. It was scary mostly because neither hush nor I were really sure what was going on and it seemed pretty invasive.  I had some stuff that needed attention too. But soon we were all able to bond together.  She weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 20inches long.
Hush's sister Kim was watching the three big kids so once they transfered me he went home to relieve her and get the kids to their schools.  

That afternoon Hush brought all the minions to the hospital and there was a great meeting of the children.  That afternoon was a rotating door of visitors that I was so grateful to have.

Then came the great debate about names.  By 11am I had received over 300 texts on a sisters and parent group text message.  It was epic.  

On Facebook and Instagram I had about 150 name suggestions.  I had not anticipated the interest and support.  It took us three days and much discussion to finally arrive at the exact name Hush and I been leaning toward since May.
So here she is, our perfect little sweetheart:
Betty Ophelia B.

I told you I was going to name her Bob!

Let's Do This Thing Already!

My toes are ready:
Painstakingly painted with shellac so they're not going anywhere. You gotta go to my new nail girl.

My tummy is ready:
37 weeks
38 weeks

Rebekah is ready:
At the Ogden Temple open house with two non-members.  Thanks to Rebekah who encouraged this trip.  I'm so impressed with her fearless desire to know the culture of where she currently lives and doesn't shy away from Mormon things though they can be overwhelming.   She's such a supportive open minded friend.  

Silas is ready:
Big brother on deck.
This silly boy will do anything for laughs. Today he paraded around in a tutu when the Primary presidency came over, just to make them giggle.
Sisi's first day at preschool. Loves it. Age 4 1/2

Mimi is ready:
I got the best if both worlds with this girl. She loves dressing fancy AND getting dirty.  We found a construction gravel supply (no trespassing) and went diving through the pebbles.  The kids call it Sandyland.  We may get arrested someday.
Age 7 1/2
Mimi's been giving us hell these last few nights as she transitions back into school.  The other day she wanted to watch a show before bed and in order to rush her through it Hush set up three iPads at different places in the episode and allowed them to run for ten minutes concurrently. Efficient tv watching.

Miranda at her namesake play The Tempest.  I'm always amazed at how live theater can make sense to even the smallest children.  Kids loved it.

Jude is ready:
We went to This Is The Place on Labor Day.  It's more than just a monument now; there's a whole town set up to show you how the new settlers to Utah lived.  It's a great place to visit and they have cool crafts and Native American dance shows, pony rides and ice cream. Great place to send kids with grandparents (or with their anachronistic stepfather who likewise loved it).
Doing perler beads with Aidan.  Both of these boys have remarkable attention spans for small motor skills work.
The children are allowed to pick out their own Halloween costume this year rather than doing a group theme.  Jude, 6, has selected this butch motorcycle dude and it delights my soul.
Doing pre-baby henna on all of our tummies. 

Hush is ready:
Everybody learning how to milk, vaguely aware of how much this type of activity is shortly going to be part of their lives.
At the fun center which has been my respite in the last few weeks. Pass of all passes render the whole joint (all rides and laser tag and golf) free! I sit, they play.  And finally Hush was able to come take the kids on the adult must accompany rides.
Our paltry outdoorsy nature experience this summer.  We couldn't rock climb nor hike at all because of my condition and our moving chaos.  We are ready to be back to our normal activities and we are