Warrior Hair

A buddy of mine sent me this photo this week:
Fun fact, that isn't me. At least I don't think it is.  The pic is from SLC comic con, but even my sisters and I can't figure out if it's another person or just a photoshopped picture of me.  My hair isn't purple right now, but it has been. Even the freckles by my hairline are the same. But those aren't my teeth nor my eyebrows.  It's a mystery. Please solve.

There was a hair change this week, however.  And that's kind of what this post is about.  
As I adapt into being a mother of five by nursing a new baby, chasing a toddler, soaking up my kindergartner, marveling at my 7 year old and bonding with my 9 year old I feel like I'm in a particularly challenging parenting moment.  So I needed to feel the part of a Warrior.  Hair always helps me look the way that I feel.

Here's a pic right after I got it cut.  Looks normal, right? (Ps, I am terrible at selfies)
Here's what it actually is: shaved on both sides and underneath. It's a legit Mohawk. 
It feels so amazing to be free of about half of my hair! But I still have to brush it and style it.
I was of course worried that I'd hate it as soon as I did it. I don't. I love it.  It feels hardcore because I feel like I'm living hardcore.  
I also kind of look like my dead brother Nate with shaved sides. That's cool.  But mom is coming to town and she will not like it.  Thankfully I planned for that!
Here are all of the people I'm managing somewhat successfully. I'm kind of getting my ass handed to me having two babies again.  How on earth did I do three, and alone? I was probably a basketcase. Oh yeah, I absolutely was.  This month and next are peak hardness because of lack of sleep. I firmly believe that when you get to months three to four with new babies you become a literal zombie from never getting a full night's sleep.  Then when they sleep more normally you recover for a month and become more normal.  But Lou still has some residual sleep issues (my least consistent sleeper) and I was blessed with a little Jude visitor last night because he was having a bad dream.  So we rock, we rock around the clock, we're tricky! 
Powering through. 
Blogging cutting into my sleeping time. Warrior Mama out for at most two hours.


Circe said...

Love it so much

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! You shaved it? Why didn't you tell me. Ben has been begging me to shave the sides for two years. I told him I'd shaved the back twice already, so that's enough.

Remember when...I shaved mine first?

I like your extensions!

Camille said...

The jammies! I am doing another zombie thing and finding zombie pics on your old blogs.