Everyday Changes

Every day changes: 
Every day is a slightly new schedule as we move through the crunch time of baby sleeping.  Lou is changing into being a one nap a day babe, but sometimes she needs to sleep earlier.  Philo has started sleeping 9pm to 5 am.  He's always slept for at least one six hour chunk (usually when I am awake so does me little good) but now he's getting even better.  But his naps keep changing.  And trying to get them on the same nap schedule changes every day.
Philo 2 months, Lou 18 months

Every day changes:
Every day I change a million little diapers. There is often a line for the changing table. I don't mind at all. I never get tired of it. In fact, the only part of taking care of little children that I dislike are car seats. 
Everyday Changes:
There are commonplace daily developments. Philo's face changes. We adapt to life with an infant and a baby girl. We all get to know each other.
These everyday changes I have to document or they will slip past me.
My boyfriend Philo taking over his dad's spot. It works for us for me to have solo bedroom reign while the babe is waking up during the night still. D is a light sleeper and it stresses me out if I have to worry about waking him. I learned the value of sleeping alone when I have a tiny baby when Silas was born and I didn't have a husband around.
Attempting face imitation.
Mimi multitasking. She may be capable and responsible but man, she is a force of nature. If you know her, you know.
Baby Philo in Uncle Phil's 30 year old jammies! They're the best, soft material.

Phi's first funny face selfie. With cleavage. My shirt cracks me up.  It says "so far so good" but when I wear it with a hoodie it looks like it says SO FAT, which is how I feel.
(Note to self: how do you never remember how fat you feel post partum? Why is every post baby having experience, 1-5, always an impossible wardrobe problem? How have you learned nothing about post baby clothing fits? Nothing fits, everything slides down bc of garments, too fat for everything, stretch pants for life, goodbye.)
How's this for a weird mom picture? Phi's newborn hair came out in chunks this week. It was very satisfying gently pulling it all out so he didn't look like patches o'hoolihan for too long.

I call this one "Feelings by Betty Lou."
And this is baby girl getting up close and personal with the fish at City Creek. She's an interesting and adorable little person and she's wearing Mimi's jeans. Gah. Dying of the cuteness.

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