Baby Fashion: the Whole She-bang

 There is little more satisfying than dressing little baby girls.  Baby boys have a ton of cute clothes, but are you going to accessorize them with bows and sparkles?  No.  Dressing a girl is just better.
It took me some months into having my first baby girl to understand the whole she-bang with dressing girls and my sisters practically had to hit me over the head for me to understand the perhaps once-in-a-lifetime chance to dress up a girl.  It's not just onesie and pants.  Nay.  You gotta go the distance with tights (hopefully coordinating and outfit specific), the tutus, the sparkle shoes, the sassy vest that ties the whole thing together and you'd better not forget the hair accessories.  "She pulls them out" is not an excuse.  Train her.
Here are some of our most recent fashion offerings.

1.  Starting simple in cheetah jammies.  Hairflower STILL IN thank you very much, thanks to glue dots you buy in the craft section.
 2.  Church attire.  Flirty sleeves, matching bow attached with glue dot, sparkly shoes.  Onesie and tights for warmth.
 3.  I'm a sucker for clever onesies.  This one says "Griffindorable" from her auntie namesake Camille Betty.  Paired with a fluffy skirt, of course.
 4.  Mimi so gets it.  My favorite part of the morning is when she shows up in her own outfit creations, poses and says "Ba-BAM".  Converse, galaxy shorts, unicorn shirt, unicorn vest borrowed from my closet, necklace, and crown headband.  She has always been her own fashionista and can put together the most creative outfits that she can some how pull off.
 5.  Vests.  I love vests.  They kick a normal outfit up into the rad level.  I make the vests for me and the girls.  This one has a Pink Floyd patch.  And, of course, the tutu.
 Front view.  Sparkle headband.  Easy to make: grab a half yard of whatever sparkly stretchy trim you like and glue gun it into a headband.
6.  Pattern mixing.  Also BL is modeling our family colors and some Betsey Johnson.  My heart is black, white and pink.
7.  Animal print and leather.  And Vans.  That's the tiniest motorcycle pleather jacket I've ever seen.  It was a must have.  The Vans are Mimi's hand-me-downs and they have conversation hearts on them.  I also love Vans and Converse for learning to walk shoes because they have very flat soles that help babies balance.

 8.  This is an example of a beautiful baby in a just ok outfit.  We have so many clothes we separate them into first tier and second tier.  This would be cuter with a jacket and a bow but it was a rough day.
 9.  Date-conscious dressing.  Obviously this dress was for the summer patriotic holidays.  Holiday colors on babies make the holidays better.
 10.  Fur.  "Stop Mama, I can't handle being photographed in my pink cowboy boots, unicorn leggin's, and furry vest."  Babies in fur is everything.
11.  Tight jammies.  Babies look the cutest in tight jammies so you can see their little bodies scurrying around.  This face, btw, is Lou's KISS face.  She discovered her tongue and has been delighting us with this expression.

 12.  All the important elements, sans hairbow because we were traveling and I failed to bring hair stuff.  Of note is LouLou's fistful of dandelions.  Her number one hobby is picking dandelions.  She could do it for hours.  And she's in the storage phase so it's funny to watch her try to juggle ten dandelions in her fat little fingers.
13.  Mimi ties everything together.  She's fearless with fashion.  We both just wear whatever we feel like.  Animal print, black and pink, fabulous accessories, everything all at once.  Man, I love this kid.

 14.  Mimi in her daily fab donut leggings dressed Betty Lou this morning. 
 I think she understands the whole she-bang.
15.  Mix up the styles.  Betty Lou wears more traditional baby clothes inherited from her cousins and is just as cute.  These tights have little pandas on the ankles and panda shoes that match but they weren't her size.
16.  If you can possibly swing it: Match.  It just feels so good.  My dream life would be coordinating outfits for my whole family all day every day.  But I GUESS they have to have SOME independence.

Backstage at Vivienne Westwood #SS16 Red Label:

Vivienne Westwood SS16 Red Label


One Fish said...

Your girls are beyond adorable.

Natalie Dobson said...

Just caught up on your blog... Good stuff. Your family is fun. And yes, Mimi is a pretty fierce dresser!!!