I Wear Green Well

I have an Ellie.

Many people have an Ellie.  An Ellie is an elder sister who is kind of practically perfect in every way.  She has a great little family.  She has born her baby problems well (she has preg issues).  She has a nice husband who is a great dentist.  She used to be an army wife – her husband was at war in Iraqi for 18 months when Griffin, her eldest, was about 2.  It was awful and tragic, but they made it through.

Ellie is great at church things.  She has lots of friends whom she rarely offends.  She’s a nurse. 

If I didn’t like Ellie so much I would hate her.  But I like her.  And I want her to be happy and have a great life.

Which is why I was only hap-hap-happy when she BOUGHT a house down the street in the same ward as the where I was living when I lost my marriage and my (ugly rental) house. 

Today I went over and saw Ellie’s new house.  Maybe I burst into tears, but I wiped them up before she arrived because really, what do I have to be jealous of?  Haven’t you seen MY new home?  Here’s a pictorial.


Ellie’s new front door.


My new front door.  It’s in the Dutch style and allows plenty of air flow.


Ellie’s new rose bush.


My new rose bush.


Likely place where Ellie will put her future hot tub.


My already installed hot tub.


Ellie’s new three car garage.


My new garage.  The contractor hasn’t put the doors in yet, but he’s coming next week with a pick axe.  I’m sure it will be lovely.


Ellie’s new lovely backyard.


My new lovely backyard.


And the piece de resistance, Ellie’s new curb appeal adorable house.


And my new gutter appeal house.  I’m thinking of remodeling the right wall so that I might be able to lay down inside, but that probably won’t be for another few years.


While Ellie was out I took the opportunity to greet some of her new neighbors.

IMG_1449  image

Ellie’s New Neighbors.

image image

My new neighbors.   (Let me at least pretend, ok?!)


Alright, so I’m a little teensy weensy bit jealous of Ellie’s fabulous new house.  But really?  She’s my sister and I think she deserves the very best.  Go you Ellie!  Happy New House Week! 

And if you run out of sugar or eggs I’m sure David Bowie from the Labyrinth or those creepy Dinosaurs will be happy to share.

Sweet dreams.


Lauren in GA said...

This was hilarious, Nor. At least you still have your humor intact...and you have great kids and a great husband so...things are looking up!!

And think...your current house is so easy to clean! Haven't we all wanted to be able to hose our houses down for a quick and thorough cleaning? I wish my kitchen floor had a drain in the center and I could just hose it down after meals...
Okay, sorry, not helping...but I love your humor.

Lindsay said...

LOL Ellie is wonderful, and you are wonderful, too! At least you have better neighbors...

MaryAnn said...

Very clever! Happy for Ellie and Mark and happy for you that you have a good sense of humor and a wonderful family!

Amberlyn said...

I can relate Lenore, I have a Shelby.

Anonymous said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous of her house.

kara said...

Are you sure your picture of your hot tub is not actually a picture of MY hot tub? It looks exactly like mine. I even recognize the grate behind it with the generic not-cream, not-beige multi-layers of paint. Why did you come take pictures of my house?

I'm glad to see you have joined me in the ghetto. We really like it here. It makes us feel gritty, and present, and cool.

Just make sure you lock your front door, even when you are at home. Welcome!!!