"If the Path is Beautiful Let Us Not Ask Where it Leads"

I am on that journey 
Of goals and dreams put into effect.
The path feels halfway done and it looks
Like nothing I foresaw

The journey veers and strays from the path
It winds and backtracks
And one forward two back
I get lost all the time

What it holds,
Lord, who knows?

What's on this journey? Where does it go? Where am I drawn? 
This journey of mine is big and fearsome and proud.

I add companions and leave them at the crossroads.
Allow my bow in gratitude for the steps they've taken with me,
Bless me with new intrepid travelers, grant me time to share and treasure with them
And if they stay we go together onward, onward to see and live and be whatever we become.

Walk with me, carve out our path, make something of this life.  
Or claw your own journey and let us make a contract of encouragement and inspiration. 

I'll be a determined liver. A walker of walks. A dreamer of dreams attempted.

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