Mermaids and Wizards

The majority of my squad (Amanda, Colin, Niya, Brett, Robb, Masato, Mimi, Blake, etc.) have birthdays around the end of January so Niya and I planned a party.  She had a dream that everybody came dressed as wizards and mermaids so that was obviously the theme.  I was super stoked that so many of my LA misfit friends flew out to celebrate.  Most of them hadn't ever been to my house before or met my minions -- for a while I had an LA life and a home life and neither the twain did mix.  But Salt Lake City somehow has become where it's at.  I'm so grateful so many of us are here now.  Jump in.  The water is nice, the living is easy, and the weirdos are rising.

It's a costume party and I'll wear whatever I want.  Queens of the Mermaids.

The highlight I think was the Glitter Bar.  I gathered all different types of glitter and sparkles and everything that makes me happy and put it out with spirit gum, eyelash glue and Vaseline (vaseline is the best to make glitter stick and washes off easily).  Everyone who showed up got bedazzled. 

All the glitter was on the credenza and it was the first stop.  My favorite was glittering up the men because they would resist but actually love it.  It's not fair that mostly women get to sparkle.

Niya and I had our kids here but mine were in the care of our new ace in the hole: our au pair!  We have a live in nanny now and it's changing my life.  Totally recommend greataupair.com

Ty's glitter beard was a win.  He should always wear that.
Double fisting.  Learn to walk philo!  You're nearly 13 months!

This child. She's like a little doll I can dress up.

And there obviously needed to be a tiny mermaid.

Surly but cute!  Actually her personality has been beyond charming.  I love 2-3 yr olds.


I want to live surrounded by Glittery Feminist Men.
Finally, I fit in.  Love all of my squads, love that they all came, love that it was such a weird mix of people, love that everything sparkled.  It was a rad birthday.  I wish I'd been better about taking pictures of the rest of the group but these were what was on my phone and the rest of them are on fb.  Rebekah, Christine!  Send pics!


Circe said...

Looks amazing! Happy times.

Camille said...

Glitter station was a good idea. You have to give a less committed option to those who are not as into costuming.

Pam said...

I recognize Lou's mermaid tail as one I made for someone--I think one of the twins. Glad it's still getting used! Lou looks darling in it.

Agatha Milk said...

Was so happy to be a guest of that party! Thank you!