Mom Brain Chatter

I would like to begin this post by thanking Jesus that I have not had any car accidents or walked into any stationary objects. I definitely should not be operating heavy machinery.  Do not be surprised when you happen upon me staring into space and drooling. 

At any given moment my Mom Brain is overloaded with life chatter.  This is not a to do list nor a complaint list (indeed I am grateful that these are my minutiae rather than show stopping problems), it's just a real time list of the thoughts and worries that go through my head in the last ten minutes, all day every day.
Right now, right this second, these are the thoughts bouncing around.  This is my Mom Brain Chatter.

How much is this car repair going to cost?
When was the baby last fed?
Dude, the gun law issue is out of control.
When was the baby baby last fed?
Has Silas had enough hugs and touch today?
Go pick up the Rx.
Return the library books.
Use the bananas tonight or they'll go bad!
Has Mimi been on Instagram?
How are her allergies?
When did Jude last take a shower?
Don't forget to clip that talon toenail on Silas, even if you have to wrestle him to the ground.
Jude needs a haircut.
Tend to Mimi's cut on her foot. Is the super glue still working?
Are the gates closed? Can LouLou escape?
Has Mimi had enough one on one time?
Where are Lou's pink shoes?
Did I change over the laundry before it goes bad?
The lawn needs watering.
Call the irrigation company.
Kitchen counter is sticky, make time to wipe it off.
Silas' speech. Remember to go over his word pronunciation.
The car needs the speaker fixed.
Have I taught my kids about sex trafficking?
Did Mimi pack socks for her trip to CA?
Is she being hard?
What time should Philo be going down to nap?
Remember to put away his laundry.
Plan D's birthday activity, text all the people.
Did you remember to take out the fruit to avoid fruit flies?
Check the student loan bills.
Has easy kid Jude gotten enough attention?
What's on his mind? How is he coping with this chaos?
Mimi needs new running shoes.
What am I making for dinner?
That Jesse Williams speech was amazing.
Do I still have frozen chicken in the freezer?
Oh my gosh Silas' hair.
Do we have enough bread for sandwiches?
Am I on top of Lou's diaper rash?
I think I owe Amelia money. Pay the sitter.
When did Jude last shower?
Schedule the babysitter.
Cancel the doctor's appointment.
Silas doesn't get enough story time. Work on that.
Actually, all the kids need to read more.
The fourth season of Orange is the new black is pushing it. 
Did they watch too much TV last weekend?
I need to sing to Lou more.
Take time to relax and have fun! 
When does school start again?
Holy crap it's going to be 100 today. Take kids swimming.
Need to teach Si to tie his shoes.
Got to get the laundry into the drawers somehow today.
Clean house for inlaws.
Does Philo have a blessing outfit that fits?
Do I need to organize any of that?
Go through the papers on my desk.
It's almost July. Visting teaching for church needs to be planned and done.
Kids haven't seen Dory yet. Plan for that.
How much are the tickets to baseball game and do I need to buy ahead.
Try to make it through all the food before we leave on Saturday.

Ok, is that everything? 

Strangers frequently say to me, "You have your hands full!" Yes, but you should see my brain.
Full brain, full hands, full heart.

But don't worry, I turn off my exhausted brain for ten minutes every day.  I've recently found and adopted mindfulness meditation in order to force my Mom Brain Chatter off for a few minutes a day. Highly recommend the Calm App.  
Gotta go. Finishing car errand.
(Green are days I've meditated. Very proud of my streak.)


anonymous said...

Hilarious!! I totally laughed at the sex trafficking part.

Circe said...

Totally get it

One Fish said...


ana said...

I just saw your blog post on Facebook,came here and can't stop reading your posts :-) How can I subscribe? My mom brain will forget how I came here and how to find you again.