Little Brother's Little Brother

As second boy and the youngest of the triumvirate I worry that Silas (6) gets lumped in with the other kids and that I don't help him develop his own interests and talents.  He's so easy going as far as activities: whatever Mimi and Jude feel like doing he likes it too.  He's a lot like Mimi in that he is happiest when he's playing with other kids, so he doesn't have a lot of solo activities nor hobbies yet.  In the last few months, however, we've tapped into Silas' true nature.  He's a lover.
Silas is in love with baby Philo.  He is perfectly content to snuggle Phi all day.  
I often catch Silas laying all his love on the babe wherever he happens to be.  No accidents have happened yet because Si is very conscious of how fragile 5 week Philo is.
Amusingly, Silas sees LouLou as competition and a bit of a rival because she's so bossy.  The other kids give BL a wide berth but Silas meets her head on to establish dominance.  But Philo is an object to be lavished with adoration.
My favorite thing about Silas is that he is in complete bliss when he's asked to be lazy and just sit and hold.  The other day we were shopping for tables at crate and barrel (they had nothing we wanted) and I set him down on Philo duty.  Silas smiled a beatific smile at all passersby. 
It's good for the little brother to have a little brother.  I love Silas for his nurturing personality.

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