Daffodil Days

It’s the most beautiful time of year in the North Bay.  Yellow is everywhere. 

This season is particularly meaningful for me and my three little kids. 

When I went to the hospital to have my sweet little Mimi it was in the middle of a huge storm.  The whole time I was in the hospital it rained and rained and I watched it from the window.  Mimi’s name Miranda is from Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” and I tell her it’s because she was born on a rainy day. 

When I got out of the hospital with my brand new baby the clouds had parted and the first daffodils of spring had bloomed.  Perhaps it was the post-labor euphoria, but I swear the world was the most beautiful I had ever seen because I had my sweet little ray of sunshine.

Every time the daffodils bloom I think of Mimi, my daffodil girl.

I try to get professional pictures of me and my kids every six months, just because I always have and I like to compare how we’ve changed.

Thanks to our lovely photographer Whitney, she always does an amazing job!

family pictures 2012-2

family pictures 2012-19 family pictures 2012-22 family pictures 2012-15

family pictures 2012-51 family pictures 2012-36

Mimi age 5, Jude age 3 1/2, Silas age 2, February 2012.

family pictures 2012-39


miss aubrey said...

I love this post. The babies look soooooo cuteeee! I want Whitney to take pictures of us.

Lauren in GA said...

I loved the story of your daffodil girl. Very sweet ☺.