We Still Out Here

Fam updates:

1.  We have moved from Utah to Texas.  My partner Joules merged his company with one in Dallas and his parents already lived down here.  Our original plan was to move to Southern California where my sisters and D already lives -- we were planning to get two smaller places and switch kids back and forth while Joules and I worked full time -- him in signs and me in massage therapy and teaching full time.  That WAS the plan, until Covid derailed us altogether and CA became the hellscape it apparently is right now.  Fires and everything closed during the pandemic was no time to seek refuge from the economy.  

When Covid shutdowns started the massage industry stopped immediately and teaching became a mess, so I had no way to make money.  Joules was doing fine with his sign business but we both understood quickly we would not be going out and seeing friends and music would be a goner.  I feel Joules had remarkable foresight for what 2020 was going to look like.  His mother prayed us to Dallas where the economy has stayed mostly open, I've been able to work at a great job and Joules' work is ideal.

  We rode the Covid wave hard: sold our house, bought a new one with enough space for our huge crew, and now we're happily living in it and working hard.  One of the reasons I adore Joules so much is because of how he handles really hard work and projects and high stress experiences.  He thrives in them while I    have regular meltdowns.  He doesn't meltdown.  He lived with 9 people for 8 weeks during Covid and had zero meltdowns.  That's how we've been so blessed during Covid: Joules thinks ahead and makes big things happen.  Now with Lenore et al in tow.

But we're the right people for the gig.  While we're large and cumbersome, I feel the kids and I can be assets from time to time!  We are scrappy ourselves and we are all honestly trying to learn and grow and be contributors.  

2. Mimi, Jude and I have both been having our mental health struggles during this process.  We do not talk about these things in public settings, but we do have this to say: speak up when you are struggling.  Vulnerability is the path to healing.  Read some Brene Brown.  

3.  Dx is being consistently inconsistent.  Does not pay nor see children.  Sometimes sends large gifts.  SMH

4. Silas is winning at life.  He has tons of friends, a dog, a generous heart, success in school.  After 6 months of playing video games and having his mom think he's getting dumber, Silas is doing better in school than he ever has before.  Damn it.

5. Philo is a whirlwind.  He could suck the energy out of three adults.  I can hardly handle his energy level and talkativeness.  He is a sweet charming kind clever little buddy and he's everybody's friend.

8. Betty Lou loves to please.  She lives for playing toys and horses.  She loves to swim and make cookies. She's obsessed with the two main men in her life, giving Joules backwalking massages every day after work and chatting non-stop about Daddy.  

So that's our current Covid situation.  Alive and well in Dallas, TX.  Danny planning to move out here very soon.  

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