Dress like Nor Day

Hey guys, remember the good old days when you were rad and dressed up for my birthday?  Some of you blog followers remember.  Welp, it's my birthday again tomorrow.  Those stupid birthdays just keep coming.  So here's my request: for my birthday please wear something you think I'd wear and send it to me.  Take a day off from normal, or at least just put something unconventional on and take a picture and send it to me.  Send via email or text (if you know me for realsies) or comment on fb or post on your instagram.  Whatever, just get it to me.  I am straight up asking for love in the form of a picture gift.  Indulge me.

Here are some wacky pictures for inspiration.  And HERE is a blog I wrote about how I put things together.  

Goth accents, as much as possible:

Accessorize with babies:

If you find it in a deep dark closet, put it on:

Unabashedly match your teaching material just like Ms. Frizzle:

Leather jackets for everyone or bust:

Cheetah, punk bands, gold studded anything (again accessorizing with baby):

Those colors don't match?  Sure they do:

Pink, duh:

Rainbow and tie dye:

Always boots, combat and Docs are best:

Gotta go skiing?  Find a black onesie from the 1980's at the thrift store for $8, wear with cat hat:

Omg this is my new favorite jacket that I bought in Amsterdam but it's too cold to wear it:

So this is Jake and Judy.  Mimi invented an alter ego boy and Jude followed suit.  She calls everybody bro. Gender binaries are stupid and should be challenged when you damn well feel like it, like these silly kids did this day:

And sequins as far as the day is long, any day of the week:

So there you go.  That's how you do it.  Dress like Nor Day begins!!